Prototype 0

︎Accra, Ghana


︎Partners:  GeoIntell Housing, Hive Construction, Bamboo for Integrated Dev. Ghana, SpaceAccra
> Funding: Willow Technologies, Atlantic Climate  Control Ltd., Ramon Grendene, Orthner & Orthner and donors.

In 2017, Willow initiated and developed a built showcase for innovative building products and technologies in Ghana. The structure was envisioned to become a long-term research platform for testing and understanding the performance of Ghanaian building technologies as well as an interactive education and programming space for children at Mmofra Foundation Park, Dzorwulu.
‘Prototype Zero’ is the first in a series of building projects by collaborative Ghanaian startups aimed at showcasing and improving the use and design of local materials as an affordable, high-quality alternative to imported building materials for construction. In partnership with research universities and industrial partners,  Prototype 0 is envisioned as an open research and showcase public platform, providing educational programming and a physical testbed for players in local building sector to brave experimentation and dialogue around the economic, cultural, environmental and technical challenge and opportunities for local material technologies and design.

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